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Long Beach, California born artist Mark Timothy  has been an influential innovator and creator of original concepts in art since the early 1990's. Best known for his series of ethereal figurative, seascape and abstract photographs, he uses his own innovative camera techniques to create the unique look of his images which has become a trademark of his work.


Mark Timothy creates his photographs by using a slow shutter speed technique which allows him to capture light in a particular way. "Light flows into my camera like paint onto a canvas." He describes how he captures the light, "I sometimes create images by maneuvering my camera purposefully as it receives the light, resulting in a dreamlike picture".


Mark Timothy has received critical acclaim from fine art publications and has been referred to as "a rare and remarkable innovator of photography". He exhibited his work at his gallery in Laguna Beach from 2013 to 2017 where he worked with some of the nations top interior designers and fine art collectors, placing his photographs in some of the most prestigious homes, offices and art collections in the country and around the world.

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